Final Reflection: Part 2

Over the course of the semester, we have been using all sorts of tools. For writing, sharing content, communicating and for basically everything. I honestly found it very confusing at the beginning then, I grew to like some and somehow hate some.

Soliya: The platform itself looked interesting in the beginning but as soon as we started the classes I really liked it. The sessions were organized and they were very responsive when sending emails or asking about anything. During sessions, moderators are trained perfectly to communicate with the students while also allowing them to have discussions freely. I found it easy to use and follow and I might be biased because I enjoyed the experience but this is how I felt about it. I was able to really connect with others through soliya and people who I have never thought of meeting. I feel like the program is very crucial and people should engage in it if possible since it tells you a lot about who you are in terms of communication style, acceptance and more.

Chairs and desks: The whole class setting was very interesting to me. The chairs were really comfortable and as a person with back and neck problems, I really like how the chairs revolved and was very flexible. The small table attached to the chair was also very easy to use and adjustable. Since I’m left-handed, I really enjoyed writing without twisting my whole spine so I definitely feel that this class caters to more people.

Hypothes: This was hard to figure out as first and the different channels was very confusing however, this website is really good. I felt like it’s a virtual book club were you can just read and annotate and share your thoughts and comments with other people. If any book is accessible from it then I would keep using it. I find it very easy to understand ideas by writing down some notes and reading what other people think in order to have more perspectives.

Google slides: It is not like google slides was new to me but, I never knew that I could create a game on it. The ability to have interactive buttons on google slides was very interesting and shocking to me. It makes me wonder about how many regular platforms that we use daily have features that I have never explored. Overall, I always enjoy using google slides but discovering more features like that makes me want to improve my presentations and I could even do presentations as games or levels in the future.

WordPress: Very conflicted about it. WordPress is very easy to use when I’m writing down something and blogging however, there is no easy way to access how my whole profile with blogposts look. I’m aware of where to find my blogposts but there are some features on it that’s honestly not the easiest to navigate through. I also had a hard time finding my peers om wordpress so maybe I’m that knowledgeable about it but I tried to explore it more and I always end up wasting time.

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