Final Reflection: Part 1

Since this semester was one of the hardest semesters that I had since I became a university student, my answer could be a bit different than what it would normally be.

Throughout the course I have learnt a lot of things about myself and about the course. I have learnt how to accept that technology is everywhere and the more that I get used to it the more it becomes easier for to do things efficiently. Abd beside academics, I have learnt that even when I have rough moments I shouldn’t just avoid everything. I should communicate more with myself and with people and I should find solutions to my problems rather than just feeling stuck.

I have also learnt that I should be aware of how I present myself on social media and the dangers of algorithm since everything about is almost all out there. So I did change the single password I had for everything and I feel hesitant before accepting cookies (still accept them though).

If I were to show someone the things I have learnt or done in this class I would show them these three things: The first thing would be the game that I did with my partner in a new tab)

I would love if everyone I know tries the game because not only the idea of creating your own game especially if you’re bad at technological stuff. But also, I would love to know what everyone thinks, if they could really imagine themselves in the game scenarios and if we need to improve in anything in our game.

The second thing that I would love to show to people is the Netflix documentary ( Coded Bias) in a new tab) I would love if people watch because the documentary is shocking and is full of information that I personally never knew off. People would also be more aware of biases and digital risks and maybe they could learn to avoid it. Even if they don’t, just being aware of it is a good step.

The third thing that I would talk about to other people is my experience with soliya. I was really privileged to be able to discuss a lot of important issues such as mental health, different cultures, wars and more. Everyone was very respectful and I learned a lot of different people in there and I got to know more about different cultures. I have also learned that as a communicator I like to listen more than ask and I would love to advise people to join soliya if possible.

I really enjoyed this class even if the semester was hard but, if I could change some things about the course I would have little suggestions. -I wish I took this class any other time than 8:30, I felt like this class needed more energy and communication so it would have been better if it was later ( maybe it’s something I should change within myself not the course) -The second thing would be skipping the classes with the school in USA, Soliya program was really good for connecting with other people across the world and I felt a more welcoming and educational environment in soliya classes so maybe we could have had soliya only. – It might also be my issue but I found Slack very confusing and hard to use. I understand how this course is about using different tools but I felt like it’s the hardest communication application to use.

  • I would recommend this class for a person who like technology or a person that really wants to get more comfortable around digital platforms.

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